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Minesweeper is a puzzle game that was designed by Robert Donner and Curt Johnson and published by Microsoft. It was originally designed to run on Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 and was bundled with operating system. Has been extensively cloned and is part of many operating systems. Is a strategy product play Minesweeper where user is tasked with finding all mines hidden on a map of a grid. Player must clear all mines to finish level. There are multiple levels of difficulty with goal of game.

Is played by clicking on squares of grid to reveal number of mines that are hidden on square. Product is won by clearing without clicking on any of them. Minesweeper app is a single-player strategic game that has been played since early 1970s. It is a product of logic and luck that is played on a grid of squares. Goal is to clear field by uncovering all of squares without uncovering.

Is a puzzle video game Minesweeper download played on a grid of squares. Object of product is to clear squares of mines, without being blown, and using clues to solve which ones have mines under them. It was originally designed by Microsoft to teach people about logical thinking.


As the player navigates through game, they will see grid of tiles on surface. Tiles represent mines which user must avoid. After a player clicks on a tile, they will see number of mines that are adjacent to that tile. If the user clicks on a tile with a zero, they will know that there are adjacent to that tile. On main menu screen, Minesweeper game is depicted as a dark and dreary a few small lights lighting the way. Graphics are not very impressive when compared to other games on market.

Graphics of product is quite colorful. Squares are yellow, blue, or light green. Numbers are orange and white, which stand out well against background. As for layout of the software product, top left corner is where player can start a new game and where all the information about software product is displayed. Bottom of the screen is where player has found all the mines. This is where player would be able to start a new game.


Player has to click on tiles that do not have adjacent to them. Player starts clicking on tiles with top-left tile, which is opening tile in the top-left corner of grid. Player must click on tiles in numerical order, one by one, until they find. If the player clicks on a tile with a mine, they lose product. Player can also win free Minesweeper game by finding last tile. Player is given a grid of various numbers and user must uncover the grid and avoid uncovering the mine. Player uncover a square, product is over. Player has option to look at number and see or not. For example, if person reveals a 4 and sees that, player will put a flag over 4 so that the person does not uncover it again.

Player just needs to move around grid and have download Minesweeper make a sound when person steps on a black square. Player steps on a black square, then player will lose and product will show a big red X on screen, person will be able to proceed to next square.


Software product Minesweeper free download is very popular, and there are many people who play game online. Game is very popular because it is very simple to understand, but the product can be very hard to win.


Is a very simple puzzle game that can be played over and over again. Software product Minesweeper Windows is quite addictive. Even though levels increase in difficulty, person has the option to choose the difficulty. Player can choose to start on easiest level with 3 mines, or go up to hardest level with 40 mines. Player can also go back to the previous level. This will allow player to be able to try to get a better score than the last time they played. Product is also very fast paced, with person having to make a decision as quickly as they can


  • Why can't I see mines?
    You need to turn on "show mines" button in options.
  • What does "show mines" button do?
    Turning it on will show hidden mines, and turning it off will hide them.
  • What do all the symbols mean?
    When you see the square with a number on it, that means that there's a mine in that spot. The X means there's no mine in that spot.
  • Why can't I click on a square?
    You need to figure out if there's a mine in that spot first. If there is, then you can click on it to mark it with an X.


This game Minesweeper online free is really addicting. It is a very simple product to play, but it is a lot of fun. The graphics are good and gameplay is easy to understand. There is no multiplayer mode, but game has a lot of replayability. Overall, this is a very addicting game. There is never a dull moment, with person always being on their toes. Even though game is a bit old, the gameplay is still refreshing and exciting. The graphics are very well done and the replayability is excellent. This is a game that the person will enjoy playing time and time again.

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